Septic Inspections

Non-Invasive Septic Dye Testing

Septic Inspections in West Virginia

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If your home utilizes a septic tank system, it should be inspected for performance on a regular basis. In addition to determining when a tank needs pumped, an inspection can also indicate when leaks and backups are beginning to occur before they become catastrophic problems. Septic failures can contaminate drinking water, as well as the ground surface, with disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that may lead to cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A, and numerous other serious diseases. Regular inspections are essential for all septic systems, and are required as part of most real estate transactions. Contact Appalachian Home Inspections LLC by Dale Shockey for all of your septic inspection needs.

Septic Dye Testing

A dye test is usually conducted by septic inspectors. This non-invasive procedure is useful for determining the conditions of some components of the septic system, such as obvious leaks and system inadequacy. The process involves injecting fluorescent dye into the septic system. The dye is traced to determine whether or not the system can handle expected capacity. If the dye appears on the ground surface (above the drain field or in a nearby drain or stream), this is an indication that the septic system is insufficient or failing. Most banks and lenders require a successful septic dye test before considering financing a home loan.